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Santa Doctor Kids

4.6 ( 976 ratings )
ゲーム ファミリー ロールプレイング
開発者 GeniApps

Adults believe in childhood, Kids believe in Santa and Santa is a cure.

This Christmas will be a real fun as Santa Clause is taking care of baby patients in the town. Let your intelligent kids to perform their dream job of being Santa Clause and educate them about the diseases and treatment.

A role playing fun game which enables kids to perform diagnosis like doctor. Simulate all the tasks performed in doctors office.This is all about being a Baby Doctor surgeon by specializing in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases.

A fun filled doctor game which will involve you like never before. Check problems of other baby patients and fix them. From applying bandage to fixing flu, now you are the doctor and you decide how to give treatment. Play in a wonderful story where you are the doctor with a cute nurse and you have to cure kids.

This informative and addicting Game will let them play in a Doctor role and check the heartbeat with stethoscope, measure temperature using thermometer, diagnose hearts with the electrocardiogram, treat with syringes, eye drops, cough syrup and bandages.


Understand babys problems
Treat them with syringes, eye drops, ice or simple bandages.
When the baby cries, calm the baby with a rattler